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The Psycherubians
The Indians
Opera Of Arts
Die Erzengel
CDs  werke / works  songs

There are limits for science but none in the World of Fantasy. Knowledge, research and axioms dominate science, but fantasy is free of rules and regulations. It lives by visions that happen in dreams when space and time lose reality. Unknown worlds can be revealed, showing you all kinds of events with views of unlimited impressions from outer space dimensions without time. There you can take part in the life of fairytales, fables, sagas, legends or on planets with strange looking aliens or beautiful angels from heavenly fields. All this is imaginary according to scientists, nothing but illusions, fiction with no facts or rational causal foundation. However, you can see all these phantasms only when believing in the World of Fantasy.

Preface - Carl Michaels

There is no disturbance in your mind even though you are in a fever. But don't worry it's not the kind of a fever that results from a disease. But there can be bad phantoms struggling in moments of weakness with you and longing for the World of Fantasy being beyond.
Scientists and other sceptical people operating on common sense might think you are crazy. But who is normal, they or you, and who decides which?


Musical Narrative
- Tetralogy -


Musik 1

Part I


Alice and the Red
The Blue Flower
The Butterfly Dream
The Little Match Girl
The Golem
The Happy Prince
Little Red Riding Hood
The Nightingale and the Rose
Mr. Sandman and the Brownies
Shadows of Witchcraft

*Sources: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Novalis, Chuang Tzu, Brothers Grimm,

Hans Christian Andersen, Rabbi Loewe, Oscar Wilde, Brothers Grimm, Oscar Wilde, German Folktale,CarlMichaels, Arabian Nights

Part II

Fables and Fiction
The Ass, the Fox, and the Lion
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Count Dracula
The Werewolf
Tarzan and the Apes
The Crow and the Fox
The Fisherman and his Soul
The Goose with the Golden Eggs
Jungle Book
I, Robot
The Winged Unicorn

*Sources: Aesop, Brothers Grimm, Bram Stocker, Mary Shelly, Guy Endore, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jean de la Fontaine, Oscar Wilde, Aesop, Rudyard Kipling, Asimov, Carl Michaels  
The World of Fantasy

Part III

Menelaus and Paris 
Odysseys and Penelope
Aeneas and Dido
Candaules and Gyges
Alexander the Great
Siegfried and Kriemhild
Beowulf and King Arthur 
Robin Hood and King Richard I
Roland and El Cid
Ashok and Genghis Khan
The Last of the Mohican

*Sources: Plato, Homer, Vergil, Herodotus, German Myth,

Anglo Saxon Myth, Sir Walter Scott, French Epic,
 Spanish Epos, Indian Myth, Mongolian Myth,
 James Fennimore Cooper

Part IV

Buddha and Jesus
 Constantine and Mother Helena
Saint Elizabeth
Francis of Assisi
Saint George
Saint Christopher
Jeanne d'Arc
Mohamed and Ali
Mother Mary
Saint Martin and Saint Nicolas
Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

*Sources: Augustine, Sanskrit/Bible, Roman Myth, German Myth,
 Italian Myth, Anglo Saxon Myth, Roman Myth, French Epic, Quran,
 Bible, Roman Myth, Jewish Myth
You can leave it up to the way it happens, or else deliberately go the way you prefer most when to make your crossover to the World of Fantasy. Think with your heart, not with your head. Soon or later everyone has to leave the world of reality on Earth to go back to the homelands of fantasy. As the Queen of Sheba said with other words to King Solomon when she left him:

Your soul is immortal,
 the breath of God,
His love lasts for good,
 forever and a day
in the World of Fantasy.