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Mystic tales were always afloat among
generations of plants and animals living
in the woods of Mother Nature.
Her grown up children, three daughters
by the name of Thallo, Auxo and Carpo
and two sons called Jack and Gelur came
to pay a visit once a year as to help out
Mother Nature and keep the course of the seasons all going.
Each and every time when they got back
from their lofty abode high up in the skies,
there was always that problem of being right
on time because each of Mother Nature’s
children wanted to stay as long as possible
on Earth. She decided that her daughters
could stay longer in the Western and Eastern
regions all around the world. But up in the
Nord and far down

South her sons were
allowed to stay almost the whole year long.
In these areas weren’t hardly any plants but
ice and snow. Jack Frost and Gelur enjoyed
to be there yet shocked her sisters once in a
while with periods of cold winter. During this time of the year they got back
to their lofty abode and took an anti-aging
bath, relaxing and absorbing loves seeds
from the blue warm waters of the well in
the sky. Thallo, the youngest of the Horae,
left at first her cosy place of heavenly wellness
and got down with lots of energy to Mother
Nature on Earth. Her Mother gave her a very
warm welcome and Thallo’s love seeds made all plants grow up soon.

Musical Narrative
- Tetralogy -


  1. Dawn
  2. The Well in the Sky
  3. Carpe diem
  4. Flowers and Fruits
  5. Fish, Birds and Bees
  6. Sunshine Sailing
  7. Ruby Dusk
  8. Moonlight
  9. After Midnight
  10. Magic Nights
  11. Sweet Morning Breeze
  12. Season of Plenty in the Summer of Life
  1. Sweet Grapes
  2. Harvest Moon
  3. The First Cool Nights
  4. Morning Fog
  5. Pretty Colours
  6. Tawny Leaves
  7. Brisk Winds
  8. Empty Fields
  9. Red Skies
  10. Walnuts and Pumpkins
  11. Stormy Days, quiet Evenings
  12. Roasted Chestnuts and Baked Apples
  1. Nightly Snowfall
  2. Time for Making Cookies
  3. Tidings of Joy
  4. Frosty Old Man
  5. Kids in the Snow
  6. Icicle Bones
  7. A Bride Gown of Snow
  8. Peace on Earth
  9. Thaw in Time
  10. Life shows up
  11. Return of the Horae
  12. Perpetuity of Seasons and Traditions
  1. Snowdrops
  2. Crocuses and Prime Roses
  3. Pink Magnolia
  4. Puppy Love at Hanami
  5. Carnival and Lent
  6. Forsythias and Bunnies
  7. Easter
  8. Thallo
  9. The Flora in May
  10. Month of Roses
  11. Auxo
  12. Carpo

Part I

S p r i n g t i m e

Part II

S u m m e r

Part III

A u t u m n

Part IV

W i n t e r

By the end of spring,
the leaves of bushes and trees were green and sister Auxo and Carpo took afterwards care of further growth and ripeness of plants and fruits in summer and fall.
Mother Nature smiled wearing the best of her lush green gowns. She was proud of her good daughters, the three Horae whose works of natural art you could see year by year on all fields, in every bush and tree, by the beauty of flowers and freshness of wild herbs, a grand inspiration in living colours and smells for all senses and a perpetual, unique enhancement of man’s fantasy since childhood, sublimated impressions recalled at mystic rites, magic ceremonies or annual festivals of tradition.